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Georgia EMS Retirement Plan

The Georgia EMS Association has partnered with financial service partners and PointeNorth Insurance Group to assist in the development of a Georgia EMS Retirement Fund. Work on this project began two-three years ago. Significant progress has been made since we began, but there is still a lot of work left to be done before we can make this a reality. The financial service partners working with GEMSA will attempt to create a retirement fund that is similar to the structure of the Georgia Firefighters’ Pension. In order for the financial service partners to begin financial modeling work to complete and set up the fund, the membership participation of GEMSA needs to increase to show viable levels of participation in a potential fund. The financial service partners are using GEMSA’s membership level as a model for the fund participation as one of the requirements for participation in the fund is membership in GEMSA. The biggest obstacle that we face right now is the low number of EMS association members in relation to the total number of EMS professionals in Georgia. There are close to 14,000 EMS professionals in Georgia and the current membership of the association is at about 1,500. Increasing membership in the association is the first step in achieving the goal of creating an EMS Retirement for Georgia. This is a goal that can only be achieved with the cooperation of the entire EMS Community of Georgia including fire personnel. Fire and EMS have an intertwined and overlapping relationship with one another, and we can work together to make this a reality. Entering into the EMS Retirement would have no effect on someone’s current benefits with the Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund. If you are involved in a fire service, this is simply another investment for your future financial welfare. Encourage others to join as well! If you are not a member or know someone who wants to join, see the information below.Thanks for your support of this worthwhile project to support EMS in Georgia.  Download information here.

Individuals and services can join the association.  An individual membership for a provider is only $25 a year. There are also discounted rates for groups of 10 or more. 

Now through June 30, 2021, we are offering a free membership to licensed Georgia EMS providers.  Learn more here.

Membership Resources


*1. Must be a member of GEMSA and continue as a member while contributing to the plan
2. 15 to 25 Years in retirement to be vested.
3. Early retirement will be reduced benefits, not full payout of benefits. 4. Monthly contribution for each member will be $20 to $35
5. Monthly payouts will be structured based on total participation, so estimation of the payout is difficult to surmise.
*Note: All or some of these could change as the final plan is put into place. This is general information on how the retirement will work and is subject to change.

If you have questions on membership, contact GEMSA Communications Specialist Mary Napier,

If you have questions on the retirement plan, contact GEMSA Executive Director Kim Littleton, 229-402-2240.

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