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Georgia Emergency Medical Services Association

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Georgia EMS Retirement Plan

Update - November 2021

We understand that everyone is anxious for news about the retirement plan. We are still moving forward with this, but COVID-19 put up some roadblocks for us. Low interest rates and not yet getting seed money to get this program moving have slowed us down. But, we aren’t stopping. We are currently in discussions with an investment group, some lobbyists, and some house aides to discuss our plans. We have been working on setting up meetings with state elected officials for discussions on funding from the state to use as seed money to get the retirement established. These meetings were delayed due to Governor Kemp calling a special session for the redistricting work the house and senate had to complete. We will make sure those meetings happen as soon as they can.

Also, the investment group is recommending GEMSA look at hiring an attorney that is skilled in retirements and pensions, due to this being something new, different, and never been done for EMS prior. We are waiting on a proposal regarding why we need an attorney and next steps. Then we will be able to provide a better update to our Board and GEMSA members.

Continuing to increase membership in the association will help us as we move forward. The goal of an EMS retirement plan that can only be achieved with the cooperation of the entire EMS Community of Georgia.

Entering into the EMS Retirement would have no effect on someone’s current benefits with the Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund. If you are involved in a fire service, this is simply another investment for your future financial welfare. Encourage others to join as well! If you are not a member or know someone who wants to join, see the information below.  Thanks for your support of this worthwhile project to support EMS in Georgia.  

Individuals and services can join the association.  An individual membership for a provider is only $25 a year. There are also discounted rates for groups of 10 or more. 

Membership Resources


*1. Must be a member of GEMSA and continue as a member while contributing to the plan
2. 15 to 25 Years in retirement to be vested.
3. Early retirement will be reduced benefits, not full payout of benefits. 4. Monthly contribution for each member will be $20 to $35
5. Monthly payouts will be structured based on total participation, so estimation of the payout is difficult to surmise.
*Note: All or some of these could change as the final plan is put into place. This is general information on how the retirement will work and is subject to change.

If you have questions on membership, contact GEMSA Communications Specialist Mary Napier,

If you have questions on the retirement plan, contact GEMSA Executive Director Kim Littleton, 229-402-2240.

The mission of the Georgia Emergency Medical Services Association is to advocate for the emergency medical provider, develop educational programs, liaison activities, provider benefit programs, and improvements to the Emergency Medical Service System in Georgia.

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